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Welcome to our Center

We are the leading Infertility Center in Greece, dedicated to making your wish of having a child come true.

What uniquely defines our clinic is that all our physicians are U.S. Board Certified.

Within a friendly and supportive environment,  we are implementing the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques the infertility field has to offer.

In the following pages of our site we offer you useful information about our infrastructure,  capabilities and all the scientific achievements our Medical Center has accomplished since its establishment  in 1989. You may also read about our fertility programs and the modern therapeutic alternatives we offer couples.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are eager to speak with you and discuss any questions you may have concerning fertility and our Medical Center. We look forward to helping you realize your dreams of having a child.

Εmanuel Κapetanakis MD


Scientific Achievements

Our center has pioneered in introducing all the following new assisted reproduction methods:

2008: The first total hysterectomy in Greece with da Vinci Robotic System was very successfully carried out by our surgery team. Expanding its scope to Gynecology, Robotic Surgery guarantees high precision (to the fraction of a millimetre) and elimimates the probability of human error, multiplying thus the significant advantages of laparoscopic surgery.

2001: By using PGD and sex selection, one mother, carrier of muscular dystrophy syndrome ( Duchenne ), gave birth to a healthy female child.

2000: Greece witnessed a great breakthrough. By using the FISH- PGD method, a  mother carrier of the LOWE syndrome, which affects male embryos, delivered a healthy female baby at our center.

1998 : For the first time in Greece we perform the method of  preimplantation genetic diagnosis ( FISH- PGD ) in order to diagnose autosomal anomalies in embryos ( Down syndrome ), and also for
the use of sex selection ( in cases such as muscular dystrophy syndrome-Duchenne, Haemophelia, Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, Lowe syndrome ).

1996 : The first quadruplets in Greece were born at our center with the ICSI method.

1995 :This is the first time, that MESA and TESA, ( testicular biopsy and extraction of sperm ) are performed by us in Greece  in cases of severe oligospermia and azoospermia, and the delivery of a healthy baby by using ICSI ( introduction of a sperm inside the oocyte ) is achieved.

1994 : For the first time in Greece, we perform operative tubal microsurgery.

1990 : Operative laparoscopy is performed by us, for the first time in Greece, to treat almost all gynecologic conditions ( ovarian cysts, fibroids, extrauterine/ectopic pregnancy, hysterectomy ).

1990 : This is the year we first implement our embryo freezing and embryo thawing program, thus achieving the delivery of the first baby in Greece after frozen embryo transfer.

1989 : First pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby in Europe, to a post menopausal mother with the use of donor eggs and IVF.

1982 : Beginning of diagnostic laparoscopy in Greece and succesful tubal microsurgery.

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  U.S. Representatives :
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(International Number)   001-312-985-5646
Cell   847.877.0602

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Ημιθέα - Ιατρικός τουρισμός στην Ελλάδα30, 1st May Str.
K. Kifissia, 14561
Athens, Greece

Contact us :
(International Number)  001-312-985-5646
(Toll-Free  for USA & Canada)  1-855-942-8767
Cell  +30 6977 41 81 61

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